Brightly Outdoor Beam 482™

BOB482 is an IP rated moving head beam projector.  With an Osram 482W(382W optional) lamp, BOB482 packs a tremendous punch for low wattage, which makes it very attractive for this class of narrow-beam moving heads.
The output of this IP65 Beam light is impressive, with the light cutting an impressive beam through the air, easily visible several blocks away. With haze, the effect is even more impressive.  Being weatherproof, water and dust exposure at events and shows is not a concern. This unit provides almost all of the colour-mixing and gobo options a lighting operator is likely to need for a wide range of outdoor festivals and concert applications.


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Features and Specifications:

Input Voltage: AC90-245V 50/60Hz
Light Source Power: 382/482W
Power: 600W
Lifespan: Over 1500 Hours
Lamp Color: 7500K
Focus: Linear Electric Focus
Dimming: Lienar dimmer no flicking
Strobe: Independent strobe, 0.5-20 times/second
Color Wheel: 11 colors
Beam Angle: 2 degree
Lens Diameter: 170mm
Fixed Gobo: 15+1, two-way shake, animation, water effect
Prism: 16 prism + 8 prism
Control Mode: DMX, Sound, Auto, Master/Slave
Movement:  Pan 540, Tilt 275, automatically correct positioning
DMX Channel: 16 DMX Channels
Body Materials: High-intensity PA66 with high temperature resistance
IP Rated: IP65
Light Size: 418x378x620mm
Light Weight: 25KG


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