LED Zoom Par 740™


LZP740 use 7pcs 40W RGBW 4in1 high power LEDs,  this little fixture makes it one of the brightest available. LZP740 is a static version of the recently introduced is IP66 rated. This fixture has the same optical and electronic features as the 7x40W LED Moving Head: a motorized 4° to 53° zoom, independent control of the central LED for effects, 16-bit dimmer with four different dimming curves, 25 flashes per second electronic strobe.Make it can use any entertaining lighting application.


Feature and Specifications:
•Power: 300W
•Input Voltage: AC110V~250V, 50/60hz
•Light source: 7x40W RGBW 4in1 LEDs
•CCT: 6000K
•Zoom:  3.5~38 degree
•Dimmer: 0~100% linear dimmer
•RGBW color mixing
•LCD digital display
•DMX Channel: 5CH, 9CH
•IP rate:  IP65
•Size: 300x430x330mm
•Net Weight:  7.5KG