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Direct uploads

Direct Uploads allow you to simplify your workflow by providing an authenticated upload URL to your client applications so content can be uploaded directly to Mux without needing any intermediary steps, like having your file stored online somewhere else first.

Stream live

The Video API makes it easy to just go live. Give your users a reusable stream key and they can go live as many times as they please with a persistent live stream.

RTMP input

Fronji supports live streaming using the RTMP protocol, which is supported by most broadcast software / hardware as well as open source software for mobile applications.

Pull-based inputs

If you already have your video assets somewhere, you won’t have to upload them again. We can pull them from any web-addressable location.

Wide range of input file formats

Get started quickly. The API platform accepts many types of input video files (literally hundreds of codecs!) including every modern video format.

Just-in-time encoding

The video streaming platform doesn't make users wait for transcoding, offering the fastest video publishing possible. Videos are encoded while the first viewers watch them, making it available to watch in just a few seconds after upload.