Beyond Events, Into Experiences

Production Design, Show Visuals, Laser Programming, Immersive Environment, Advanced Lighting, Custom Software for Events, Interactive Audio Solutions, 3D Projection Mapping, Event Strategy and Conceptualization, Live Event Streaming, Audience Engagement Tools, Events Equipment Rental.


Sound Design (Festival)

Corona Sunset

Mandala Content and Lighting Programming

Electric Paradise

Sound Design & Lighting

Electric Paradise

Sound Design & Lighting programming


Multiple Tours

Festival Presidente

Stage and Content Design + Show Playback, 10 Artists

Production Design?

Tailor-Made Solutions & Cutting-Edge Software for the Dynamic Entertainment Industry.


Purple laser lights - concert


Kvant, Clublasers, DFTM and Blendog Lasers available for rental including tech and programming.

Video camera

VJ Camera Pack

Box, PTZ, Follow Cam and handheld cameras with NDI, AV-Network, 10G Fiber + Wireless. Resolute and NDI Optimized.

LED Screens

Whether you need a giant screen for an outdoor event or a sophisticated setup for a conference, we have the right solution for you. Our LED screens come in various sizes and configurations, including modular panels for custom shapes and sizes.

Meyer Panther​